Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dutch population is not so interested in religion anymore...

The Dutch Central Bureau of Statistics notes today that less people visit church or mosque. Among Muslims the drop is highest. While in 1998/1999 about half of the Muslim population visited a mosque once a month, the average of those visiting the mosque in 2004-2008 is a bit more than a third. Catholics follow the muslims in their drop with 3 on 10 people visiting the church once a month (1998/1999) against 2 on 10 in 2004-2008.

58 percent of the people older than 18 calls him/herself connected to a religious group (those being asked could choose between "none, Catholic, Dutch Reformed, Reformed, Protestant Church Netherlands, Islam, other"). Fifty percent of those connected to a religious group considers him/herself catholic; 19 percent some kind of protestantism. Five percent of the total population is Islamic, which is about 825 thousand people. Of which 95% has a non-western background. Most of the Muslims are Moroccans, followed by Turks.

Source: CBS

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