Thursday, February 4, 2010

How the left got corrupted


In 2008 the left-winged (non-Jewish) Spanish journalist Pilar Rahola visited AIPAC and spoke there. In her speech she raised some serious issues of how some of the left-winged ideologies are corrupted:

Thus, like Salman Rushdie, Talisma Nasreen and Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Robert Redeker has discovered that one part of the European left is betraying freedom. He speaks of the menace of Islamic fascism, which threatens, terrorizes, enslaves and kills. And his leftist companions accuse him of being Islamophobic and racist. He denounces the world’s passiveness in the face of the slavery of women, clitoral ablation, the use of children as bombs and terrorist fanaticism. And his left-wing comrades accuse him of being disrespectful of other cultures. Like myself and many others, Robert Redeker defends an Islam free of fanatics, dictators, terrorists and totalitarians. And our leftist comrades leave us alone to make that defense.
What deeply rooted pathologies are causing the European left to back off from its moral commitment? Why are we not seeing demonstrations against Islamic dictatorships in Paris, London or Barcelona? Why are they not marching in the streets against the Burmese dictatorship? Why isn´t the left worried about the Iranian nuclear threat, when It wishes to export the islamo-fascim, and threats to destroy Israel. The Torah says: If your enemy “says” that he wants to destroy you, you must believe him… Why doesn´t the left believe? Why are there no protests against the slavery of millions of women, who live without any kind of legal protection? Why is there no public outcry against the use of children as bombs, in the conflicts in which Islam is involved? Why has the left never championed the cause of the victims of the appalling Islamic dictatorship in Sudan? Why has it never been moved by the victims of terrorist acts in Israel? Why does it not rank the fight against Islamic fanaticism among its major causes? Why does it not support Israel’s right to defend itself and to exist? Why does it mistake defending the Palestinian cause with justifying Palestinian terrorism? And now the big question: Why is the European left, and globally all of the left, so obsessed merely with caviling at two of the most solid democracies on the planet, United States and Israel, and not at the worst dictatorships? Two solid democracies, that have suffered the world’s bloodiest terrorist attacks. And the left doesn’t even blink.

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