Thursday, December 18, 2008

Trying hard to humiliate - to no avail


We've all heard of the Iraqi who threw a shoe at Bush. For some, like the Iraqis, its a huge insult to throw a shoe at someone, to step with a shoe on someone or anything else with a shoe towards that other person. For westerners like Bush, it's only a funny act reminding you of the old Charlie Chaplin movies. So how come the Iraqis (and many other Arabs and even non-Arabs as the Pakistani students in the picture show) think that throwing a shoe at Bush would be the greatest insult to him?

The silly part of this all is that Iraqis are claiming that the shoe-thrower's arrest is a violation of freedom of speech. Since when is a physical assault on somebody freedom of speech? They've got a lot to learn about human rights over there. I don't blame them as they had long lived under the horrific human rights abuser Saddam Hussein.

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knossos said...

He should have thrown a used condome.

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