Sunday, November 2, 2008

Stone throwing

Stumbled upon this article by Israellycool and thought it necessary to copy:

A picture courtesy from Reuters shows AFP’s Palestinian photographer Hazem Bader (R) holding his bleeding head after he was hit by a stone hurled at journalists by Israeli settlers in the West Bank city of Hebron on October 31, 2008. Bader, 42, was taken to a Hebron hospital with his head bleeding. He was given eight stitches to the forehead and was to spend the night in the hospital. He was among a group of journalists who had gone to the house of a Palestinian that was damaged by settlers after Israeli security forces dismantled a nearby illegal Jewish outpost.

Oh, now the foreign press photographers see stones as a dangerous weapon that can seriously injure or even kill people?

Funny, because when the stone-throwers are palestinians, they are portrayed as heroic defenders acting against the odds. And I have certainly never seen a photo and caption such as the above, showing and describing the damage inflicted on an Israeli hit by a palestinian-thrown stone.


Mo-ha-med said...

I see your point, Suzanne, but allow me to disagree.

Well, first because he's a journalist; and press outlets are generally particularly outraged when their people are injured in the line of fire (or in the line of stones...)

And second - generally speaking, Palestinian stone-throwing incidents occur in the West Bank or in Gaza - against Israeli soldiers in full riot gear, so injuries like the one that the journalist above suffers from are unlikely.

I'm fairly sure if such a powerful photograph involving an Israeli victim existed, it would be widely published in no time.

Suzanne said...

Thank you for your comment, Mohamed and welcome to this blog.

The point is that often the press is focusing on the full riot gears which you mentioned as peaceful protests against Israeli ...(fill in). But it is not peaceful when you throw stones. This picture proofs it.

Maybe its a pity that soldiers usually wear helmets, whereas journalists don't ;) Because then the chance is less high to be injured on the head that badly, but it does not mean that throwing stones cannot be harmful.

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