Saturday, November 8, 2008

Call of Duty music


I have to admit that one of the favorite games I play is an "ordinary" shooting game: Call of Duty (or CoD) - and then especially the multi-player mode.
At the moment I own the second (WWII in Europe) and fourth (fictional war against terrorists) version. And soon the 5th (again WWII but in Asia) will be available, which I sure will buy!

The makers of the game sure know how to deal with graphs and it seems to get only better and better. But in this post I do not want to focus solely on the graphics and content of the game itself, but more on the music with which they surrounded the game. It's great! So far, for every version of Call of Duty, a different composer composed the music for the game. For the first version they hired Michael Giacchino and for the second one Graeme Revell. Lately I heard the music of Call of Duty 3, the only version of the game which was not made available for PC. It was composed by Joel Goldsmith, son of Jerry Goldsmith. For the fourth much was composed by Stephen Barton, but also Harry Gregson-Williams contributed. Unfortunately I cannot share the name yet of the World at War (or fifth) version of Call of Duty as this is stilll a mystery to me.

Anyhow, I believe I should let you hear some music from the CoD-games and I chose a piece composed by Joel Goldsmith for Call of Duty 3. Enjoy!

Call Of Duty 3 - Joel Goldsmith

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